24 Hours to a Day, Clean Clothes Follow the Same Time Schedule


Laundry Must for everybody laundry needs,
freshly washed & safely folded.
DRY CLEANING Must for anything you want dry-cleaned,
pressed and returned on a hanger like a new garment.
SHOE CLEANING Get your shoes washed and cleaned as
good as new at affordable prices.
HOME CLEANING Give your sofa, carpets and linens a
new and fresh look.
IRONING For a crisp and wrinkle
STARCHING Regain your garment shape and feel.

Are You Seeking For Best Laundry Service in Delhi, India

Washmart is a laundry, dry clean, and washing related service company founded to provide laundry & allied service in a professional & low-cost model.

We, the best laundry services in Delhi, India, abide by our three most important statements. That is the best services, right time, and respectable people—the people’s best choice. Washmart values your time and money with all our efforts.

Safe and Sanitized Laundry

In crazy times like these, where covid-19 has got us all terrified. Washmart provides you the cleaning and caring of your laundry right from your doorstep. Since these days, everything is online, and people rarely want to go out, and the laundry is done, fearing the virus. We give you the comfort of your home by picking the laundry, cleaning safely, and delivering back to you in less time.

Since Delhi is one of the cities affected more by the virus, people tend to be frightened. While trusting, We assure you by giving the safest laundry cleaning, folded and returning you, all sanitized and protected.

What all we offer

Suppose you are wondering about the best laundry services near me. Well, look no further. We, the best laundry services in Delhi, India, provide you with the best cleaning experience. Since different fabric needs extra attention, We wash and clean looking at your clothes quality. Wash & Dry Stain Removal, Cuff &Collar Cleaning, Fabric Conditioner with Eco-Friendly Products. Combined with Packing and.

Doorstep Pickup & Delivery

With Cushioning to avoid wrinkles and Stain Removal. Individual Packing On Demand.

Dry Cleaning

We dry clean your laundry with the utmost care, and if For anything you want to be dry-cleaned, pressed, and returned on a hanger like a new garment. We follow the wash care label, so your clothes get the cleaning that they deserve. We use State-of-the-art machinery to process the dresses with high quality and commercially used solvents. We value your time and your trust in us.

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