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Laundry Must for everybody laundry needs,
freshly washed & safely folded.
DRY CLEANING Must for anything you want dry-cleaned,
pressed and returned on a hanger like a new garment.
SHOE CLEANING Get your shoes washed and cleaned as
good as new at affordable prices.
HOME CLEANING Give your sofa, carpets and linens a
new and fresh look.
IRONING For a crisp and wrinkle
STARCHING Regain your garment shape and feel.

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  • T-shirt 60 /-
  • Shirt 60 /-
  • Silk Shirt 80 /-
  • Woolen Shirt 80 /-

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    Mind blowing facts about laundry:

    • 70% of dirt on your clothes in invisible.
    • You perspire about 6 litres of sweat a day.
    • The first washing machine called ‘Thor’ was developed in 1782.
    • Dryers have only been around 200 years.
    • Ironing was first used in world around 1000 years ago.
    • Detergent was invented due to a soap shortage in 1933.
    • Soap making itself dates back to 2800 BC.