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Exceptionally High Return On Investment
Recession Proof Business
Cash Only Business (No Credit)
No Prior Business or Laundry Experience Required
Professional and Expert Team

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High Return on Investment
dry cleaners near me with prices
Recession Proof Business
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No Credit (Cash Only) Business
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Technology Enabled Business
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Professional and Expert Team


Comprehensive Training Module
Dedicated Franchisee Helpdesk
360 degree Brand & Marketing Support- Offline & Online
Expert Customer acquisition & retention team to scale business rapidly
Multiple Growth Opportunity –  Easy to open more stores

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Comprehensive Training Module.

dry cleaning services

360 degree Brand & Marketing Support- Offline & Online.

dry cleaning services

Dedicated Franchisee Helpdesk.

dry cleaning services

Expert Customer acquisition & retention team to scale business rapidly.

dry cleaning services

Multiple Growth Opportunity –  Easy to open more stores.

The laundry market of India is growing with a rapid pace. The estimated size of the laundry market is Rs. 2,20,000 crore, with the unorganised market (which includes dhobis, maid servants, and mom-and-pop stores) valued at Rs. 5,000 crores. The sector is fragmented with 7,67,000 establishments, 98 per cent of which are micro-sized laundries with fewer than 10 workers, says a report by Euromonitor International.

The modern life with frantic weekdays and indolent weekends of the working professionals, or bachelors staying away from their homes is a hustle to do the boring and tiring laundry. This has forced the laundry industry in India to just getting bigger and better with an estimated size of the laundry market being 2, 20,000 crore.

Be a part of Washmart revolution today and experience unlimited growth opportunities.

Are You Seeking The Laundry Franchise Business in India

Washmart stands as the very trusted brand in Dry Cleaning. Their commitment to quality, personalized services, continual investment in the new technology, and experience staff training improve their customer focus. They also ensure that their clients receive the best and qualitative service and support. They welcome the budding best laundry franchise in India to take the new franchising opportunities available. Their work with a very dedicated management team. Their job is to help every person make the most of their investment by providing outstanding training and support.

Washmart Services

Washmart services differ from the other laundry services. they provide many affordable things that include:

1. On hygienic Condition

2. High-speed service

3. Eco- friendly

4. friendly conversation

On Hygienic Condition

They are very hygienic when it comes to the laundry. There are many laundry service center that they don’t use the sanitary conditions.

High-Speed Service

As per the services, they have speedy service when compared to the others. They give everything to their time. When they provide the time for their customer of the laundry, they mind the time.

Eco- Friendly 

They use every service very eco-friendly as they use every eco-friendly technique. And don’t harm nature by using any chemical or harsh product in their laundry.

Friendly Conversation

They are very friendly while talking to their customers and also listen to their customers and their needs. They also understand every talk of their customers.

Best Laundry And Dry Cleaning Franchise Opportunities in India

There are many laundry franchises in India, and they also provide the best service in the laundry. As if a person wants to start this laundry franchise business, it is the best laundry business in India. Because in today’s world laundry is the basic need for every person without laundry, a person can’t do anything. So this is one of the best franchise businesses in India, and it is also very profitable.